River City Housing believes that:

  • Safe, decent, affordable housing is a basic human right.
  • Meeting the diverse housing needs and desires of low and moderate-income families requires a variety of development strategies including single-family homeownership, single-family rental, multi-family rental, and other strategies.
  • The development of affordable housing should avoid increasing the concentration of poverty in neighborhoods.
  • The expressed needs, perspectives, and interests of current neighborhood residents must be taken into account when plans for affordable housing development are being developed.
  • Targeting resources and energy in a limited number of defined geographic areas will increase the impact of our work.
  • Collaboration and coordination with other affordable housing non-profits, for-profit developers, neighborhood residents, government entities, and other stakeholders will increase our effectiveness.

All people in Louisville Metro have a home they can afford that enriches their lives.


River City Housing improves the quality of life for low and moderate-income families and strengthens neighborhoods by developing high-quality affordable homes.