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"I love everything about my home, and it is even located on a street where I grew up. Everyone knows each other and it is a great place to raise kids. Being a first- time home buyer was a beautiful experience for me. River City Housing held my hand during the entire process."


Hispanic family moving.jpg

Waking up safe, in a stable home is how we want everyone in our community to start the day, so they can focus on living their best lives.


For more than twenty years, River City Housing has been developing high-quality sustainable houses for first-time, low- and moderate-income buyers. These restorations reduce monthly expenses to ensure long-term stability for families who diversify and strengthen the neighborhoods in Louisville.

If you are ready to own your own home, we want to help you to achieve that goal.  Homeownership is attainable and we want to assist you in your journey to achieving that dream.


“I believe what River City Housing is doing is a worthy cause, being a nonprofit and providing the things you do. You upgraded me and my life. I’m blessed. I consider River City Housing a part of my Dream Team.”

Cane Run Homeowner

"My house has an amazing homey feeling. I feel connected to it because I know all of the steps we went through to build it. The entire thing! I got to build it from the ground up!"

Cane Run Homeowner

"Becoming a River City Housing homeowner has greatly affected my life. I have a sense of purpose now. It has changed my mindset. I have a piece of mind knowing that my house is up to par."

Cane Run Homeowner

River City Housing (RCH) is a non-profit, single-family home developer focused on providing affordable, high-quality, and energy-efficient homes for our home buyers. We improve the quality of life for low and moderate-income families and strengthen neighborhoods by developing safe and affordable housing. Our vision is that all people in Metro Louisville will have access to a quality home they can afford that enriches their lives. If you believe in River City Housing's mission, you can support us by making a donation today.   

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