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Becky Roehrig, President & CEO


Community strength is the foundation
we build homes on.

River City Housing creates opportunities for low-income Louisville residents to make one of the biggest commitments of their lives – purchasing their first home. 

This important decision is made easier because River City Housing restores and rebuilds homes thoughtfully, with high-quality attention to detail and energy efficiency. Following these quality standards reduces maintenance for buyers and minimizes utilities, making long-term residence affordable.


Reliable shelter is more than a basic need. Comfort and safety have positive effects on overall performance, health and financial stability, enriching the lives of our neighbors and the diverse communities they live in.


Thanks to the support of three founding community ministries – Crescent Hill, St. Matthews and East Louisville – and HUD HOME funds through Louisville Metro Government, River City Housing has been able to rehabilitate more than 230 houses throughout the city in areas such as Shively, Cane Run and Shelby Park.


"Everybody needs an affordable place to live. If you have an affordable place to live you're more likely to be stable. Stability helps everyone in the community be their full selves."


  • Safe, reliable and affordable housing is a basic human right.

  • Development of affordable housing decreases concentrated poverty.

  • The expressed needs, perspectives and interests of current neighborhood residents must be taken into account when affordable housing development is being planned.

  • Targeting resources and energy in a limited number of defined geographic areas will increase the impact of our work.

  • Collaboration and coordination with other affordable housing non-profits, for-profit developers, neighborhood residents, government entities and other stakeholders will increase our effectiveness.

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River City Housing improves neighborhoods by developing sustainable, affordable homes for first-time, low-income home buyers.

We envision a Louisville Metro in which every resident has a home they can afford, that enriches their lives. 

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