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Meet The RCH Team

Becky Roehrig.jpg

Becky Roehrig

 President & CEO

Since 2002 Becky Roehrig has brought intentional leadership to the organization through planning initiatives, strategizing and influencing the climate of affordable housing in the Louisville metro.

Kimberly Rice.jpg

Kimberly Goode

Vice President

Kimberly Goode's passion to improve her community and drive to enact change led her to River City Housing, where she has played a vital role in sharing their mission and telling their stories in the community while coordinating all of the moving parts that keep the organization running.

Latanya Henry.jpg

Latanya Henry


Trustworthy. Fun. Great with numbers. These are just a few of the ways coworkers decribe Latanya Henry, who is responsible for managing River City Housing's Financial matters. 

Headshots courtesy of Image Detail.


Since 1992, we’ve fostered a culture of diversity and inclusion and an expectation of high quality among our crew, partners, and subcontractors. Our reputation is built on craftsmanship, exceptional service, and professionalism.  With decades of experience under our belts, our crew frequently draws on one another’s knowledge to maintain the quality, consistency, and long-term affordability that our homebuyers expect.

These are the team members who get it done. All day! Every day!

Syrus Smith- Construction Project Manager

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